About uPVC door

Firsly, Mekongstar Window is pleasured to send sincere thanks to customers, who have actively assisted us in the past time. In order to respond your willing, we always take effort to find out the best solution which is both cost saving and high economic efficiency, then bringing about the luxurious beauty for houses in  vietnam, with international standard and competitive price.

Mekongstar window is specialized in manufacture, supply and installation for all kinds of doors, windows, partition made by reinforced-core, with leading quality MORE

Advantages of uPVC

With feature of heat and noise insulation, bring you a feeling of comforatability in a peaceful and warm space

Mekong star Window is a complete set of parts such as profile door casing, washer etc, which are designed for the purpose of highest heat and noise insulation.

Together with noise insulation, helping to improve the life quality, Mekongstar Window has capacity of heat insulation to be 2-4 times, compared with normal window, thus, saving the power for heating and cooling the room, bringing about high economic efficiency for the users. MORE


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