Features include:
• Structure and feature are similar to wimdow overturning towards inside, but only with 01 mode of being open for rotation, with maximum angle of 180 0 .
• High heat, noise insulation and tightness.
• Appropriate with houses to be limited with open space.
• Wind breaking up the door flap is limited, appropriate with the use in high-rise buildings.
• Being convenient for installation of insect screen outside.
• Being favourable for cleaning and maintenance of door.

• uPVC bar (door casing and door leave framw)
• Reinforced hollow steel
• Glass (safety, reinforced)
• Glass box is fed wirh inactive gas, taking effect for reductionof heat, noise transmission.
• Double washers is ensured for high tightness.
• Metal accessories: Multipoint stud, door knob and lock



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