•   Service maintenance:
       Content maintenance :
        •  Check the opening and closing of doors
        •  Check out the other items. 
•    Product Warranty :
All stages in the process from purchasing raw materials to production and finishing has always been a strict quality control. 
All products are shipped before thoroughly tested. Although very small percentage, but inevitably there may be errors will 
arise in the process so that products using the Company covered by each section as follows: 
 •  Profile            :  5 years
 •  Accessories  :  2 years
 •  Glass Box      :  1 year 
Within the warranty will replace or repair free of charge to all content items of warranty. Please read the terms and contents 
of the warranty stated on warranty document. 
After a period of 24h after receiving the notice of customers, Technical of Happy Window will testing and troubleshooting 
for customers. Furthermore, we will have timely advice to clients in order to minimize problems. 
•  Method of warranty:
Mekongstar Window only warranty perform at the address where the installation has a written on warranty 
document as to the contents and time limits as follows: 
•  The department store is still in warranty period is effective in accordance with the company (customers presented 
warranty & parts still in warranty period).
•  The u-PVC window frames are warped phenomena, color changes 
•  The metal accessories malfunction caused by the functioning of the manufacturer and the installation. 
• The glass case is the phenomenon of fog, standing water inside. 
Not warranty :
•  No sign of the company in arranty document
•  The u-PVC window frames, metal accessories, glass boxes damaged by users accidentally or intentionally causes
•  The case of force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, earthquake damage products.
•  Use of chemicals is not true to the user manual of the manufacturer.
•  Operating the products improper instructions, using the wrong purposes.
•  Update recommends:
•  Do not have any management or any equipment that ensure 100% product with no errors, particularly errors arise 
only during use. So please go to monitor the operation of doors, partition and other accessories, especially in early 
•  Please read instructions on using this information and the warranty document, if you have questions please 
contact Mekongstar Window. 
•  When there is a problem please contact us, you do not repair itself or interfere in any way, except for very special 
cases: emergency, disaster, fire ... and immediately to inform us. 
•  In warranty period, if there is a change of information such as address, phone number ... please inform us to 
•  Maintenance and repair service: 
After the warranty period expires, Mekongstar Window have maintenance and repair service 
for customers with the most reasonable cost and service perfect.


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